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Introducing HotPatch" asphalt patch mix heater!

HotPatch asphalt heater is designed to slip-into an existing dump body.  The unit has a self contained diesel fuel fired coolant heater to keep asphalt patch material pliable in cold weather.  This unit has a hydraulic actuating chip pan available as option (see picture). The  unit is available with 110 volt coolant heater  allowing patch material to be kept pliable while unit is parked and preheated prior to shift. HotPatch unit is a very economical option for maintaining patch material at workable temperature for pothole patching.

 Laser Line wing plow guidance system on ciy of Grand Rapids, MI winter maintenance truck equipped with mid-mount wing plow

 "InPower" Vehicle Control Modules and  Vehicle Electrical Programmable Switch Options.

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Wing Plow Comparison Video

                 Paraglide versus "Brand X"!


You decide.................


New Technologies: Berm Master


Check this product out; excellent application for shoulder graveling to cure edge drop without wasting material.  Has potential for gravel application on shoulders where cable guardrail limits access.

berm-master_1 Berm Master Product Sheet (click on highlighted link)


Berm Master in process of applying gravel to shoulder alongside pavement to eliminate "edge drop".

Berm Master Front View

Remote RF Control


We now have the ability to mate a wireless remote to a Raven FlowMax 810 controller, which will allow your employees the ability to prewet loads of salt from the loader or truck cab by a simple "push of a button". City of Livonia, Michigan, is currently using the Air Eagle RF remote to control their loader bucket liquid spray bar.  We will soon be installing the same system at MDOT Mason Maintenance Garage.




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Telepathy truck equipped with Monroe Salt Crusher, on-board prewet, cross auger, anti-ice with three boom application capability.



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